About Us


GeniusTech Limited is a Ghana-based company that has offered Information Technology services for the past 4 years. GeniusTech is specialized in giving support and consulting services to companies that need a technological turn around to better serve their customers. Some of our clients are not-for-profit international organizations and Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). Since last year, we have added the renewable energy services to contribute our quota to solving the current energy crisis. Several home owners have been enjoying our solar services throughout Accra and Lomé (Togo). While based in Ghana, we are looking forward to conquering other territories such as Benin, Cote d’Ivoire, Burkina-Faso, Guinea then expand to the all West African countries.

Our objectives are to provide:

  • Sustainable and low cost power solutions for any household in Africa
  • A complete and cost-effective power solution that will help businesses operate seamlessly
  • GeniusTech partners with British and US Companies such as IAN Energy, SunSolar, Voltacon, OutBack to provide state of the art equipment to deliver reliable energy to your doorsteps.

Indeed, we have commissioned several installations for residences and businesses ranging from power backups to complete photovoltaic solar systems


We provide consultation to individuals and organisations for their IT and Renewable energy Solutions. Contact our experts now for your Technological needs.


Solar Energy Consulting

Information Technology Consulting

Security Systems Consulting